The first photo book of the voice actor and singer, Nakajima Yoshiki will be released on August 16, 2021.
For this photo book, in order to draw out the maximum “appeal of being photographed”, the photo shooting was taken in Nagasaki prefecture, which is a location that has connection to his role as Kaminoshima Fuuta from “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!”.
In this photo shooting location that gives off a foreign country street atmosphere, the photo of him was taken in various clothing in his natural expression. It also includes photo of him eating with relish in the local famous gourmets, including Nagasaki Chanpon and Sasebo Burger.

It also contains photos of him taken with the world heritage site, Hashima in the background and an unseen sexy photo of Nakajima in the suite room of a high-end hotel.
Together with the announcement on the release of his first photo book, Nakajima’s comment was released as well.

“Nakajima Yoshiki’s Photo Book (Provisional)” will be available in nationwide bookstore of Japan on August 16, 2021. The limited alternate cover page version is available on Amazon, while the limited set consisting of the behind-the-scenes DVD and photo will be available at Animate and Gamers.

Below are the full comments.
I was able to create this photo book with a trustable team in the beautiful Nagasaki before 30 years old. It’s not an overstatement even if I said that this is “Nakajima Yoshiki’s Decisive Edition”, as it is a compilation of my career, so please do get your hand on it. It also contains some sexy photo, so please do look forward to it. (haha)