The cover page and image of the novelty bromide of “Seiyuu Animedia” July Issue, which will be released on June 10, 2021, have been released. The cover page will feature TrySail (Amamiya Sora, Asakura Momo, and Natsukawa Shiina) while the band Sir Vanity (Umehara Yuichirou and Nakajima Yoshiki) is featured on the back cover.

The unit TrySail comprises of Amamiya Sora, Asakura Momo, and Natsukawa Shiina are featured on the cover page and the lead article. In the interview inspired by their 12th single “Ta ga Tame ni Ai wa Naru (For whose sake do you resound your love)” that is a rock song filled with grand love, they will be faced with the “love” that they have for each other.

The back cover and last article will feature the band Sir Vanity that debuted in April 2020. As they had stopped their activities in June last year, we will be able to know about the current feelings of the members, their current situation, as well as their future plan.

There will also have an article on the newly announced project “Station Idol Latch!” featuring Ono Kensho, Tamaru Atsuhi, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Toyosaki Aki, Kobayashi Aika, Tomita Miyu, Waki Azumi, Namikawa Daisuke, and others.

“Seiyuu Animedia” July Issue is priced at 1,480 JPY (tax included) and the release date is on June 10, 2021. The limited-edition cover page will be available at Animate.