A portion of the photos from the official photobook of the live-action film “xxxHOLiC” has been released. The photos are all taken by director Ninagawa Mika and it features the bewitching appearance of Kamiki Ryuunosuke-san as Watanuki Kimihiro and Shibasaki Kou-san as Ichihara Yuuko.

“xxxHOLiC” is based on the dark fantasy manga by the manga artist team CLAMP. Due to his ability to see the Ayakashi that approaches those who have darkness in their hearts, the high school student Watanuki Kimihiro had lived a solitude life, then he ended up wandering into the shop that grants any wishes for a price and encountering the main protagonist Ichihara Yuuko, which marks the start of this mysterious fate.

This film was released nationwide of Japan on April 29, and the photos from the official photobook have been released.
The refreshing expression of Kamiki with an eyepatch gives off some sadness in the mysterious atmosphere. The unimaginable bewitching appearance of the optimistic Kamiki is something that can only be taken by the reliable director Ninagawa.

The photo of the charming Shibasaki in the courtesan-like outfit gives off a majestic aura that is befitting to the gorgeous clothing. Also, in the photo featuring the both of them, the mischievous smile of Shibasaki from the back of Kamiki can be seen, and it will surely make you wonder about their relationship.

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