The singers and voice actress, Kobayashi Aika, who is also active as Aquors’ member, will be releasing her 2nd photobook for the first time since 3 years ago. It will be sold by KADOKAWA on April 18, and this photobook will reveal the “Hair Cut” appearance of Kobayashi, which is her first challenge in life. Her comments have also been revealed.

Kobayashi Aika is active as a singer and voice actress as well as the voice of Tsushima Yoshiko of “Love Live! Sunshine!!” and a member of the idol unit of the said work, Aqours.
The release of her 2nd photobook has been decided, and it has been 3 years since her 1st photobook (2018) was released.

The photography for this photobook was taken in Yamagata Prefecture, metropolitan city, and Chiba Prefecture.
For the photos taken in Yamagata Prefecture, it features her going all out with playing in the snow as well as soaking at the open bath in the inn with the snow scenery as the background, while the photos taken in the metropolitan city and Chiba Prefectures display her slightly mature and elegant expression after cutting her trademark long hair. This photobook will feature various valuable photos where you can feel the new allure of Kobayashi Aika as she tried something new.

Along with this announcement, the limited novelties at each stores and the commemoration events have also been announced, please check the official website for more information.

“Kobayashi Aika 2nd Photobook (Provisional)” is priced at 3,520 JPY (tax included). It will be available on physical and online bookstores on April 18, 2022.

<Below are the full comments>

Kobayashi Aika’s Comments

Thanks to everyone’s support, the 2nd photobook has been decided! I am truly grateful to everyone. It has been approximately 3 years since the 1st photobook was released. This time, the photography was taken as if we are taking a trip to the snow world, and you will be able to see many pictures of me smiling and enjoying the situation! Moreover… I had cut my hair daringly for this photobook! This is my first challenge in life, and I felt that I had become more mature. I believe that the side of Kobayashi Aika that had yet to be seen by everyone, including me, can be seen here. So, please look forward to it!