March 22 is “Broadcast Anniversary”.

On the same day in 1925, NHK’s predecessor, Tokyo Broadcasting Station, started Japan’s first radio broadcast.

There are many programs on the radio where voice actors appear as MCs There are various ways to enjoy them, such as unusual conversation themes, or behind-the-scenes stories about anime production. There are many people among Anime! Anime! readers who are interested in voice actors’ radio programs.

Therefore, this time, we conducted a reader survey entitled “Speaking about “Which voice actor radio program do you currently recommend?”
The target is a radio program where voice actors appear as MCs, and is limited to titles currently being broadcast or streamed. Programs that mainly distribute video are excluded. We received responses from 387 people during the survey period from March 5 to March 12. The male-female ratio is about 20% for males and about 80% for females. About 35% of the age group were teens, and about 35% were in their 20s.

■ “DGS” is topping the list with overwhelming popularity!
1st place
1st place goes to “Dear Girl ~ Stories ~ by Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke” with an approval rating of about 35%.
“DGS” has been broadcast on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting since 2007. At the 2nd Aniradi Awards held in 2016, it won the “RADIO OF THE YEAR Best Radio Award” and has been involved in collaborations with many media.

Readers commented, “In the regular broadcast, you can feel the charm of those two talking on the radio whenever it is about manga, movies or event at Saitama Super Arena.”, “The concept is ‘for you only’, as a radio always stays next to you. The warm talk helps ease my head and makes me laugh.”, “A program that has left behind many legends, including eating durian and causing a strange incident on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. This program has no predecessors, and I can’t think about any other voice actor radio.”

There were many comments, “Comedy is very well balanced, and the speed of the conversation is perfect. The real pleasure is that Kamiya-san and Ono-san are still doing strange things no matter how it goes. It is a pioneer of media mix radio, and I hope they will continue to surprise me.” The longtime broadcast program, which is celebrating its 15th year this year, is shining at the top by a large margin.

2nd place
2nd place goes to “Itou Kento to Nakajima Yoshiki ga anata o muchuunisaseru rajio ~ yumeraji ~” with an approval rating of about 6%.

It is an online-radio that has been on air since 2016. The interaction between the two MCs is popular, “The attractive feature is the conversation between the two people from the same office that have known each other for 10 years. Although it has been on air for 5 years, the atmosphere created by the exquisite and mysterious sense of distance and mutual trust between them is healing. Since there are many co-stars are appearing, the range of conversation themes is wide and fun, including talking about content, relationships between voice actors, or silly stories.”

Many readers pointed out that the music unit UMake was born as a result of it, “It was shocking to see how Nakajima-san wrote the lyrics on the spot based on the letter from the listener, and Itou-san immediately made a song and played it on the guitar. They started to create UMake’s songs, and the number of live performance grew so much that a tour was scheduled. The interaction between singing and the radio is very great.”

3rd place
3rd place goes to “Takehito Kouki no KOYASU RADIO” with an approval rating of about 4%.
It started in 2020. MCs Koyasu Takehito-san and Koyasu Mitsuki-san who are actually father and son.

Important conversations between father and son gained popularity, “Conversations between Koyasu father and son are so cute and soothing! It’s wonderful to see the fatherly side of Takehito that we never got to know before, and to feel the growth of the new voice actor, Mitsukikun, almost in real time.”, and “It is a rare program because you can get guidance from veteran voice actor Takehito and see the growth of the new voice actor Mitsuki! For someone who has been a fan of Takehito for many years, it’s irresistible to hear the warm talks between father and son from the Koyasu family.”

In this survey, the programs with two MCs occupied the top-3.
Solo programs were also present, 5th place went to “Uchiyama Kouki no 1 kuuru!”. “The replies to the listeners’ letters are indifferent but kind, and it is very interesting to listen about Uchiyama-san’s interests. It is a program which you can enjoy even if you are not a fan of voice actors.”

For the voice actress’ radio, comment for 10th place “Yumi& Risa no rafusutourii wa totsuzen ni” saying, “Anyway, it’s free and interesting. I also like the plan to recruit Moe and dominant S lines.”

A wide variety of programs are available up to the 20th place that is open to the public.

■ Ranking Top-20
“Speaking about “voice actors radio programs?”
1st place “Dear Girl ~ Stories ~ by Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke”
2nd place “Itou Kento to Nakajima Yoshiki ga anata o muchuunisaseru rajio ~ yumeraji ~”
3rd place “Takehito Kouki no KOYASU RADIO”
4th place “Koutarou to Yuuichirou hyorotto danshi”
5th place “Uchiyama Kouki no 1 kuuru!”
6th place “Ryohei Kimura / Nobuhiko Okamoto’s Dengeki Girl & apos; s Smile”
7th place “Saitou Sou-ba Ishikawa-kai hito no dame janai rajio”
8th place “Trignal no kirakira ☆ bito R”
9th place “Nan demo hiro! Yukke to ma bo ”
10th place “Yumi& Risa no rafusutourii wa totsuzen ni”
11th place “Minase Inori ‘MELODY FLAG'”
12th place “Hatano Wataru / Satou Takuya no Scat Babys Show! !”
13th place “Kakuma Ai / Onishi Saori’s Kyan-choume Kyan banchi”
13th place “7/11 presents Sakura to shitai Oonishi”
13th place “TrySail No TRYangle Harmony”
13th place “Hanato Yume danshi-kai! ? Rajio”
13th place “Fukamachi Toshinari / Komatsu Shohei TWO for ONE”
13th place “Masuda Toshiki / Furukawa Makoto’s Goryaku Kenkyuu Institute”
19th place “Kusunoki Tmori no Tomori Ryu kya n doru”
20th place “Itou’s Kento Toto Club”
20th place “Takada Yuki, Senbongi Sayaka’s Shakariki-chan”
20th place “Nakamura Shugo / Machico’s Rakuon”
20th place “Kiyono Yasuno’s Kiyonavi!”

(Response period: March 5, 2021 to March 12, 2021)

* Notes on response targets *
* In principle, the program is currently being broadcast and distributed.
* Radio programs that are not related to anime works are also eligible if the personality is a voice actor.
* Broadcast media is applicable to other audio distribution media (OPENREC, etc.) regardless of radio FM / AM.
* This time, the program is “audio only” (or mainly audio) / or the program officially described as “radio program”.
* As a derivative of the program, there are programs that archive radio broadcasts on YOUTUBE and distribute videos in which voice actors appear only for members, but if the main program is audio only, it will be targeted.