The voice situation drama to help you enjoy your time at home, “Ouchi Shigoto Meito with WORK (Remote Working Mate with WORK)” will be released at 6:00 PM, on June 25, 2021, on “Family Gekijyo Club”.
The key visual and character visuals were released together with the comments from Kamiya Hiroshi, Kimura Ryouhei, and Hayashi Yukiya.

“Ouchi Shigoto Meito with WORK” is a voice situation drama with the concept of “Supporting your work life balance with the voice” and it will feature a content where you can enjoy remote communication through the scene within the free time of your daily remote work.

The three characters available for the remote communication are; the serious, delicate yet gives a “natural” distrust superior; the optimistic mood-maker, older brother type senior; and the refreshing, kind, friendly junior.
The superior, Midou Kasumi is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi, the senior Shiiba Masaomi is voiced by Kimura Ryouhei, and the junior Kotobuki Teitarou is voiced by Hayashi Yukiya.

As the scenario for the drama consists of various timing, such as “Start of work”, “Lunch”, “Reflection meeting”, “Anti-drowsiness plan”, and “End of work”, you will be able to choose to listen to your favorite episode based on your desired situation.

Also, while the episode will be released sequentially, the first episode of each character, making it a total of three episodes will be available on Family Gekijyo’s official YouTube channel for free.
While the new lifestyle of working at home is continuing, do look forward to “Ouchi Shigoto Meito with WORK” that will support your daily life with the voice via a conversation, trouble consultation, chit-chat, and others. Future developments will be announced on the official Twitter, so do check it out.

Midou Kasumi (Voice by Kamiya Hiroshi)

As we have the choice to work at home, I believe that the working style will change as well. It would be a good thing if that change will help to build up the trust from others…. It would also be good if it will heal your tired heard from being more considerate during this novel coronavirus crisis.

Shiiba Masaomi (Voice by Kimura Ryouhei)

I believe this is a work that is created for the current situation. Even those who couldn’t get this idea from 2 years ago, will surely understand it now and be able to enjoy this brand-new lifestyle. There is a strange excitement when we are working while enjoying the time at home right!

Kotobuki Teitarou (Voice by Hayashi Yukiya)

In this work, I will be voicing the so-called dog-type guy Kotobuki Teitarou that is close to my senior (you). There will be some parts where you will feel the same if you listen to it while overlapping it with reality as in this work, “you” are working in an unfamiliar situation, so I believe it will be like you are able to have a hands-on experience on those situations. I will be challenging this while enjoying supporting the working force.

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