The outline and sneak peek of episode 11 “Goodbye” of the TV anime “Fruits Basket: The Final” (Broadcast date: June 14, 2021) have been released.

“Fruits Basket” is based on the shoujo manga by Takaya Natsuki that was serialized on “Hana to Yume” from 1998 to 2006. It has more than 30 million copies in circulation and its popularity remains strong even after the manga serialization has ended for more than 10 years. In April 2019, the 1st season was broadcast while the 2nd season was broadcast in April 2020. Lastly, the finale, “The Final” has started.

The title for episode 11 is “Goodbye”.
After being discharged from the hospital, Tooru runs away when she saw Kyo despite her decision to show a smile when meeting him. In order to not bother and drag the others, she had a special lesson to show a smile, but her tears won’t stop coming out.

However, the single statement of “I wanted to be together with you” from Kyo, causes Tooru to be unrivaled against Kyo. As that signifies the end of the promise.

Also, the comments from Kamiya Hiroshi, who is the voice of God in episode 11, have been released.

Kamiya mentions his honest thought regarding the work and his role, “I believe that a deep affection toward the work as well as a strong determination are needed to reproduce the video adaptation from the beginning until the end of the original work despite it already has a video adaptation. There might be a bit of pressure behind my words as it had reached the finale, but I had done the recording while feeling proud. It would be great if this miracle-like work is seen by many.”

The broadcast date of episode 11 “Goodbye” of the TV anime “Fruits Basket: The Final” is on June 14, 2021, on Tokyo TV and other channels.

(C) Takaya Natsuki, Hakusensha/ Fruits Basket Production Committee