The video “Color of Life 2nd Season”, which makes the voice actor Kimura Ryouhei to your circle’s “upperclassman”, is now released.

This video “Color of Life 2nd Season” is the 2nd edition of the promotion movie “Color of Life!”, which was released together with the complete wireless earphone “ATH-SQ1TW” (released on October 2020).

In addition to Kimura-san, Ono Yuuki-san, Hanamori Yumiri-san, Enoki Junya-san, Sakura Ayane-san, and Furukawa Makoto-san participated and expressed stories related to earphones with their “voice”. There will be 6 situations, including “Dating with Boyfriend Arc” and “Best Friend Arc”.

The 5th edition of “Color of Life 2nd Season”, gradually being released since July 12, is “Circle’s Upperclassman Arc” by Kimura Ryouhei.

Your upperclassman (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) greets you, “Otsukare! (Good job!)”, when you are taking rest from the circle’s activity. When you ask, “what is the yellow thing in your hand?” and he tells you about “ATH-SQ1TW”.

Moreover, he recommends you some songs that he is listening with “ATH-SQ1TW”, saying “you might like it”, and then he hands you his earphones. Then a girl comes up him, calling him “older brother”, with somewhat familiar, cute voice. She somehow misunderstood you as “a girlfriend” and leaves there by saying, “stay happy!”.

He apologizes you “I’m sorry, she misunderstood about you”, but he continues, “Well, it’s okay for me if she misunderstood about us”. Why does he say such things abruptly!? There is only this scene in the video, but their bittersweet relationship can be assumed from this conversation.

The camera keeps projecting the hands of them, and the story progresses only with Kimura-san’s voice (plus his sister). Kimura-san’s voice is enough to make you feel the situation and his emotion, but the expression of the hands enhances the reality of the situation.

Upcoming 6th edition of the movie is the last of the series. We will introduce “Boyfriend’s Home Arc” performed by Furukawa Makoto. It will be released on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 6:00 PM.