The key visual with the 5 main characters of the TV anime “Uramichi Oniisan” (Broadcast starts on July 5, 2021) has been released.

“Uramichi Oniisan” is based on the same-name manga by Gaku Kuze that is serialized on the online manga magazine “comic POOL” that has over 1.5 million copies (inclusive of e-book) in circulation.
The main protagonist is the two faces 31 years old guy, Uramichi Omota (known as Uramichi Onii-san), who is working as a gymnastics coach on the educational program “Together with Mama”. He is normally kind, but there are times where he will show a glimpse of his “dark side” and this work is a tragic eulogy for the “good child” that has become an adult.

The key visual has depicted the 5 main characters of “Uramichi Oniisan”, which are Omota Uramichi aka “Uramichi Oniisan (Brother Uramichi)” (voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi), Usahara Tobikichi aka “Usao-kun” (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu), Kumatani Mitsuo aka “Kumao-kun” (voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi), Daga Iketeru aka “Iketeru Oniisan (Brother Iketeru)” (voiced by Miyano Mamoru”, and Tadano Utano aka “Utano Oneesan (Sister Utano)” (voiced by Mizuki Nana).
Also, the ending theme “Dream on” performed by Miyano Mamoru is currently available on Miyano Mamoru official YouTube channel, so do check it out as well.

TV anime “Uramichi Oniisan” will start on July 5, 2021, on TV Tokyo and other channels.

(C) Gaku Kuze, Ichijinsha/ “Uramichi Oniisan” Production Committee