TV anime series ‘Fruits Basket’ The Final released a sneak peek for episode 7 ‘That’s right, It’s Empty’ which will be on air on May 17th (Mon).

The original work of Fruits Basket is a girls’ manga by Natsuki Takaya serialized on Hana to Yume from 1998 to 2006. The manga published over 30 million copies around the world and still is popular now that it has been over 10 years since the end of serialization.
The 1st season of the anime series started in April 2019, and the 2nd season started in April 2020. The 3rd season, which is broadcasting at the moment, is going to be the final season.

Episode 7 is titled ‘That’s right, It’s Empty’. Kyo suffers from the influx of old memories that he bottled up before. Meanwhile, in a conversation with Shigure, Ren says that Akira, the father of Akito, and she are meant to be together.

Nevertheless, Ren is jealous of Akito and has been possessed by Akira’s spirit. She gets upset having the conversation with Shigure and even faces Akito with a knife in her hand.

Details for Blu-ray & DVD ‘Fruit Basket The Final Vol.1’ have also been released. Hatsuharu Sohma and Isuzu Sohma will make the cover.

TV anime series ‘Fruits Basket’ The Final episode 7 ‘That’s right, It’s Empty’ will be available on May 17th, 2021, on TV Tokyo and more.
Blu-ray & DVD ‘Fruits Basket The Final Vol.1’ will be available on June 25th at 11,000 JPY (tax included).

(C)Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha / Fruits Basket Production Committee