Voice actor Tsuda Kenjirou will appear in “TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism vol.2”, which will be released on March 8, 2021. This will be his first photo session with the photographer Leslie Kee.

Tsuda Kenjirou will be appearing in the “SUPER VOICE STARS” serialization, where the photos are taken by Leslie Kee. This serialization, which is praised for revealing the unseen side of the voice actors, will feature the popular Tsuda Kenjirou’s, the narrator of the continuous TV light novel “Yell” (in NHK General and others), first photo session with Leslie Kee.
The comments from Tsuda Kenjirou has been released as well.

The magazine will also feature GRANRODEO’s 2nd mini-album that will be released on March 10, and the legendary voice actor, Yamaji Kazahiro.

Moreover, the brothers, Nojima Hirofumi and Nojima Kenji, will appear again in this issue since their appearance in “vol.1”. In this issue, their father Nojima Akio, and Kenji’s son, Nojima Touya, will feature along with them, which realize the exclusive photoshoot of the voice actor from three generations.

“TV Guide VOICE STARS Dandyism vol.2” will be released on March 8, 2021, and the price is 1,300 JPY (tax excluded).

Tsuda Kenjirou’s comments.
When I received the offer, I thought of “Whoa, Leslie-san will be the photographer”. He is quite famous, and I had seen his photo album before, so I was really glad that I received the offer. The photo session was conducted smoothly in excitement. I believe the photos will be different from my existing photos, so do check out the photos with the new ambiance.