The cover of “TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.17” (released date: March 31, 2021) featuring the voice actor Eguchi Takuya has been released. Other than the special article to commemorate Eguchi’s debut as a solo singer, it will also feature voice actors, such as Kimura Ryouhei, Shimazaki Nobunaga, and Furukawa Makoto.

Eguchi Takuya is also featured in the head article with the title of “Be entrance by Eguchi Takuya”. In the 10,000 words long article, he will talk about his mini-album “EGUISM” that will be released on April 21, 2021, his thoughts like “If I can’t drink alcohol, I will stop being a voice actor” as he is an alcohol lover, as well as the episode of a certain voice actors senior that saved him when he was hesitating.

There will also have an exclusive talk about the recording of the music video of the lead song “Love&Smile” in “EGUISM”, and just like Eguchi’s comment of “I want them to be firmly entranced”, this article will surely “entrance” you with Eguchi’s allure.

In the serialization “Sake to Namida to Ryouhei to (Alcohol and Tears and Ryouhei)” featuring Kimura Ryouhei, who also like alcohol, Saito Souma was invited as a guest as part of the 4th anniversary commemoration with more pages. This time, both of them visited a certain Okonomiyaki restaurant in Harajuku, Tokyo. Saitou, who mentioned he wanted to appear in a book’s serialization before, will talk about his episodes with Kimura, who he is close with even in his personal life, while enjoying the alcohol and Okonomiyaki.

Other than that, three male voice actors, which will appear in the TV anime starting in April, are featured under the title of “Haru no Hajimari ha Anime to Tomoni (Starting Spring together with Anime)”. This article will contain a portrait photo and a long interview with Aoi Shouta (“Cardfight!! Vanguard: overDress”), Shimazaki Nobunaga (“Mashiro no Oto”), and Furukawa Makoto (“Moriarty the Patriot”).

This magazine will also have a special article on the music unit, UMake, consisting of Itou Kento and Nakajima Yoshiki, who will be having their largest live tour this spring. The photos are taken in a sexy manner in a boutique hotel in Ginza, Tokyo.

“TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.17” is priced at 1,300 JPY (tax excluded) and the release is on March 31, 2021.