NHK E-TV “Figuring Out our Obsessions” will be delivering programs based on anime as “Spring Anime Week” from May 24 for 3 consecutive weeks. The program will feature a collaboration with “Kingdom”, which is currently broadcasting its 3rd season, and will introduce popular animators.

“Figuring Out our Obsessions” is a variety show to introduce hobbies that teenagers are currently becoming “addicted/obsessed” in greater details.

The episode on May 24 featured “Kingdom”, which is in its 3rd anime season. The program will dive deeper into “Kingdom” with rankings on the character popularity with Hamatta-san’s narration. The comedian Takahashi from the group Savanna, who is well-known for loving “Kingdom”, and the “Kingdom”-lover actress Wakatsuki Hiromi will guide the audience through the shows. Moreover, the “Kingdom” voice actors of Morita Seiichi and Fukuyama Jun appeared in the show. They performed an arranged version of “enchant”, which the characters often use to cheer-up the others in the story.

The episode on May 25 will introduce the “anime production obsession”, together with the animator who does everything from the original drawing, shooting up to recording sessions all by himself.
The last episode of Anime Week will feature 4 high school students, who will be producing one complete anime by themselves, together with the background music called “Stand by me, Stand by you.” By the singer Hirai Hiro.

“Figuring Out our Obsessions” will be broadcast on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on NHK E-TV from 6:55 PM. “Spring Anime week will be broadcast from May 24, 25, and 26.