NHK E-Tele’s information variety show for junior and senior high school students, “Numani hamattekiteita” will air “Too addictive and painful Christmas SP” on December 21, 2020. Voice actor Kaji Yuki and singer-songwriter Oishi Masayoshi will appear as guests, and the broadcast live will be a 55-minute enlarged version.

“Too addictive and painful Christmas SP” is a new way to enjoy the “Hamatta”, which was born during the “stay home” time in 2020, a collaboration project between fans of different “swamps”, and fans who appeared on the program, and a 55-minute special time to enjoy afterward with guests.

Guest Kaji talked about the main character played by him from the anime series “Attack on Titan: the Final”, Eren Yeager,, which is currently being broadcast on NHK General TV, and his thoughts on the work, as well as the famous scene of “Attack on Titan” during the live broadcast, there is also a famous scene dubbing project of “Attack on Titan”.

Oishi-san formed a one-night special orchestra with young people who are fans of various musical instruments. It seems that some musical instruments have “calculators” and “rulers”, so it would be great if you will pay attention to what kind of performance they will do.

Moreover, pianist Harami-chan, who is gaining attention with his YouTube performance videos, and a female comedy trio, heroines at 3 o’clock, will also appear as guests in the special episode, to raise up the program’s joy.
“Numani hamattekiteita: too addictive and painful Christmas SP” will be broadcast live on E-Tele on December 21 from 06:55 P.M. to 07:50 P. M.

(C) Isayama Hajime / Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee