From the TV anime “Bakuten!!”, the outline and scenes from episode 3 “Gasshuku Shitai!” (I want to Go to Training Camp!), broadcast on Thursday, April 23, 2021, have been released.

“Bakuten!!” is a “sports ensemble cast” depicting Futaba Shoutarou, who encounters “men’s rhythmic gymnastics” in the last summer of junior high, entering the men’s rhythmic gymnastics club in Soushukan High School and devoting his youth to gymnastics with his teammates.

Episode 3 is titled “Gasshuku Shitai!”
After a week of intensive training, Shoutarou passes the test to participate in the team competition.
Finally, his career as a rhythmic gymnast begins, and in no time, the joint training camp with Ao High’s rival, Hakumei University Affiliated High School (Shiro High) is planned.

As a rookie, Shoutarou tries to keep up with the other members and practices at the park when a mysterious boy appears in front of him.

“Bakuten!!” Episode 3 “Gasshuku Shitai!” was broadcast on Fuji TV in the “Noitamina” slot on Thursday, April 23, 2021.

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