From the TV anime “Odd Taxi”, the outline and advance scene cuts of the 3rd episode “Borrowed Plumes and the Bodyguard”, which started airing on April 19 (Mon), 2021, have been released.

“Odd Taxi” is an original anime scripted by Konomoto Kazuya, who has made a splash with “Setoutsumi” and “Black School Rules”.
It shows the seemingly pointless interactions between 41-year-old cab driver Odokawa (CV. Hanae Natsuki) and his peculiar passengers, which lead to the “case of a disappearing girl”.

The title of the 3rd episode is “Borrowed Plumes and the Bodyguard”.
Today, Odokawa has to give rides to a variety of customers. This time, to his surprise, a wanted criminal with a gun comes aboard and…

The 3rd episode of “Odd Taxi”, “Borrowed Plumes and the Bodyguard”, started airing on April 19, 2021 on TV Tokyo and other stations.

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