A popular pet anime “PUI PUI Molcar” from winter 2021 season is about to end. We got relaxed from cute Molcars this winter, but there are many animal anime in the upcoming spring season.
This article introduces 6 animes inspired by animals.

■The dialogue of “real” animals in the cities we usually live-“Odd Taxi”

“Odd Taxi” is the original anime written by Konomoto Kazuya, who became popular for also writing the dramas including “Setoutsumi” and “Black School Rule”.
The protagonist is a tax driver with a seal-like appearance called Kotogawa. As a driver, he only picks up unique customers, including a university student who wants to become popular on the internet, a nurse who is trying to hide something, and a pair of comedians who cannot become popular enough. The conversation with those customers will bring you to the mystery of a lost girl.

Hanae Natsuki will play Kotogawa this time. He recently appeared in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” as Kamado Tanjirou, and “Kaibutsu Jihen” as Tademaru Shiki, and he often plays energetic male characters. Contrary to that trend, he is going to play a 41-year old man, and he “was excited” and “felt as if it was a new challenge” for him.

Other than him, many wonderful experienced cast, including Kimura Ryouhei, Yamaguchi Kappei, Mimori Sukuzo, and Saitou Souma, are going to play various animals in the anime.

“Odd Taxi” is going to be broadcast from 2:00 AM of Apr. 5, 2021 on TV Tokyo and other channels.

■Animals and ice cream you known will mix into one! “iii Icecrin”

This will be broadcast from TV Tokyo “Kinder TV”, the channel which broadcast “PUI PUI Molcar”. This will be produced from Shinei Movies known for producing “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shin-chan” in the past.
The ice cream brand Blue Seal Ice Cream, which owns 26 stores mainly in Okinawa and around Japan, fully corporated to produce this anime.

The characters are a mixture of 15 flavors from Blue Seal and actual animals that exist in the real world, including “bears”, “capybaras”, “river otters”, and “pandas”, and are given the special name “icecrin”.
Vanillan melts his own body with sweat, a reckless Chocon and other characters will be played by Kadawa Taeko, Origasa Tomiko, Senbongi Ayaka, and Obara Konomi, and narration will be done by Takahashi Shigeo from a comedian tag called Savanna.

“iii Icecrin” will be broadcast from 7:30 AM of Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2021 on “Kinder TV”.

■”Space Academy” will make both adults and children alike want to go to space!

“Space Academy” is originally the manga by the illustrator Nishimura Yuuji, who is known for “Gokigen Panda” and “Konezumi”. This is a cooperation project of KADOKAWA, studio U.G., and Takaratomy Arts.
This will depict the story of the protagonist Kotetsu-kun, who meets new people who similarly seek to go to space and have a wonderful time and work hard at the academy.

The cast are Fujiwara Natsumi (Kusaka Natsuha from “Kaibutsu Jihen”), Enoki Junya (Itadori Yuuji from “Jujutsu Kaisen”) and other currently popular voice actors and actresses, and the narration will be done by Murotsuyoshi. A relaxing narration by Murotsuyoshi will put the fans in the nice mood. A surreal laughter provided by the characters are also a point of focus.

TV anime “Space Academy” will be broadcast from 6:45 PM of Apr. 7, 2021 on NHK E-Tele.

■Twenty years have passed since a dangerous bear was released into the world…and it has now become the TV anime! “Mischief Bear Gloomy”

“Mischief Gloomy Bear” was first released in 2000 by the character creator Mori Chack and marked the 20th anniversary in 2020.
Gloomy is usually at Bitty’s home, but he cannot remember that attacking people is a bad thing to do. Therefore Bitty gets attacked by Gloomy and it is common to see that Gloomy is covered with the blood of Bitty.
A cynical message and the design that combined cuteness and violence became a hot topic back then, and also became a boom among the young people and musicians.

The cast for this anime are Yamadera Kouichi and Hanae Natsuki. Yamadera-san will play Gloomy and Hanae-san will play Bitty-kun. Both are known for doing narrators for “Ohasuta”, and Hanae commented that “It was a wonderful experience to be with Yamadera-san, whom I respect a lot!”. The conversation between two wonderful actors is the point to see.

■He scolds you, but he is always by your side…”Scolding Cat”

“Scolding Cat” was first brought up by the illustrator Moja Cookie . A white cat that will point out your “careless” mistakes in daily scenes and this short manga became a hot topic for “making us feel relaxed when he scolds you”. The Twitter account marked 100.000 followers a month after opening.
This content has experienced a various mix of media, including LINE stamp, a book adoption, a collaboration cafe, and a pop-up store.

“Scolding Cat” will be broadcast for 30 seconds on various stations and various time around Japan. It is still unknown whether characters other than “Scolding Cat” will appear, or whether they willy become animated?

■If the dinosaurs lived in Reiwa era…”Dinosaur Biyori”

This is a short anime produced by the team formed by Fun Works, Aniplex, and Sony Creative Products.

Three dinosaurs , a T-rex, Triceratops, and Stenonychosaurus with all different personalities will live together in an apartment called “Dinosaur”. They go to part time jobs, a public bath, eat sweets, and even go to a party with girls…!? A surreal lifestyle of dinosaurs in a modern-day world will be shown.

The cast assigned for this anime are Matsushige Yutaka, Tanaka Youji, and Kogotuge Eiji. Unique members have been assembled and they are going to create the world “played by the dinosaurs”. Matsushige-san commented that “I am relaxed by this short story when I take a break at night”.

TV anime “Dinosaur Biyori” will be broadcast from Apr. 3, 2021 on TOKYO MX and BS11.

Did you enjoy this article?
The anime introduced here not only have wonderful cast members with actors and comedians, but also have unique atmospheres. Many of the anime here are also short anime, so it will be easier to take a look at them when you have time.
Please relax by watching animals (and dinosaurs)!

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