The launch of “RoOT / Route of Odd Taxi”, a new project for the TV anime “Odd Taxi,” has been announced. As a start, a comic book series featuring Sato and Reina has been serialized in “Big Comics Superior Darupana”.

“Odd Taxi” is an original anime planned and written by P.I.C.S. and directed by Kinoshita Baku, with a script by Konomoto Kazuya, known for his work on “Seto and Utsumi”. The story depicts a mystery in which the unremarkable conversations of Kotogawa, a slightly eccentric and uncommunicative cab driver, has with people who are somewhat peculiar eventually lead to a girl who has disappeared.

The main character, a middle-aged cab driver named Odokawa, was played by popular voice actor Hanae Natsuki, and the music was produced by PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB of SUMMIT. Not only was the script skillfully foreshadowed by Konomoto, but also new attempts were made on many fronts, and the series was supported by a wide range of viewers. In addition to the comic book series that ran concurrently with the broadcast, “Odd Taxi in the Woods” will be screened in 2022, and a stage adaptation will be made in 2023.

Although details of “RoOT / Route of Odd Taxi” have yet to be revealed, the project has begun with the serialization of a comic book as a kickoff. Takeichi Abaraya, who also worked on the comic adaptation during the anime broadcast, will be in charge of the artwork. The cover art that has been released shows Sato and Reina, the two main characters of the manga. What in the world are they looking at? Be sure not to miss the beginning of a new story.

In addition, the manga app “Manga One” has started a new program on February 24 to read the entire comic book version of “Odd Taxi” in one sitting. This is a great opportunity to check out the manga version, which is filled with the fun that only a manga can provide.

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