A special interview between voice actor Hanae Natsuki and hip-hop MC and track maker PUNPEE from “Odd Taxi” will be featured exclusively in the May Issue of SWITCH magazine, on sale April 20.

“Odd Taxi” is a hard-boiled fantasy anime with anthropomorphic animal characters that unfold against the backdrop of a realistic Tokyo cityscape.
This time, Hanae Natsuki, who plays the main character of the cab driver, Odokawa, and PUNPEE, who participated in the music and opening song for the film, had their first encounter in the pages of SWITCH magazine.

In the conversation, they discuss their impressions of each other, Hanae Natsuki’s theatrical skills as seen by PUNPEE, and the secret story behind the creation of the theatrical accompaniment (co-produced with VaVa and OMSB) and the opening song (skirt and PUNPEE’s “ODDTAXI”) with PUNPEE that matches the atmosphere of the film, which made Hanae-san say a comment like, “This song is the only one that fits.”
He also mentions the new form of contact that anime and hip-hop, which have been connected in various ways in recent years, have appeared in this film.

In addition, look out for the newly taken photos of the two wearing their glasses, which is one of their charm points, against the background of the anime.

SWITCH Vol. 39 No. 5 Special Feature: Sato Jiro: The Unknown Face” (May Issue) is priced at 900 JPY (excluding tax). It will be on sale at bookstores nationwide on April 20, 2021.

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