From the original anime project “Yoru no Kuni”, the short animation “Night 1” has been decided to be released on YouTube on April 16, 2021. At the same time, it was announced that Suwabe Junichi and Kuno Misaki are the main cast members, as well as key visuals and preview trailers.

“Yoru no Kuni” is an original anime project directed by Ryochimo known for “Yozakura Quartet” and “Kado: The Right Answer”, with the theme song by Aimer known for the “Fate” series.

This time, it was announced that Suwabe Junichi will be playing as Yoru, a resident of the Land of Night, and Kuno Misaki will be playing as Chiyo, the main character of the Night 1.
The released key visuals were created by Nomiya with her soft and light-filled touch. We can’t wait to see how the story will be depicted in the soft, picture book-like animation along with Aimer’s new song “Toriru”.

Night 1 of “Yoru no Kuni” will be premiered on Aimer’s official YouTube channel on April 16 at 11pm.

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Suwabe Junichi as Yoru

I think the collaboration between the music created by Aimer and the animation drawn with a warm touch by Nomiya has a superb healing effect. Of course, you can watch it in the morning or afternoon, but I think you’ll enjoy the atmosphere even more if you watch it at night after you’ve finished this and that for the day.

Character Introduction

He is a resident of the Land of the Night. He is very tall and looks like a big bird.
He is a gentleman with a soft demeanor, and is always there for those who wander into the Land of Night.

Kuno Misaki as Chiyo

I played as Chiyo with the hope that the “Land of Night” would be like Aimer’s voice and lyrics, which gently touch the hearts of those who listen to her. I believe that everyone has experienced keeping a lid on their own heart, but there may be a moment when someone or something triggers you to face it. I hope you will gently watch over it to see what kind of miracle will happen at that time.

Character Introduction