The spy action manga “Tesla Note” by the scriptwriter of “Tiger & Bunny”, Nishida Masafumi, has gotten a TV anime adaptation in 2021. The information of the main cast members and staff has been revealed. The teaser visual and PV by the original character designer have been released.

“Tesla Note” is a manga written by Nishida Masafumi and Kubo Tadayoshi while the art is drawn by Sannomiya Kouta that is currently being serialized on “Weekly Shounen Magazine”.
It is an action story that depicts the fight of the spies over the invention record “Note” by the genius inventor Nikola Tesla that will determine the fate of the world.

The main cast members are Kohara Konomi as Negoro Botan, Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Kuruma, Maeno Tomokazu as Takamatsu Ryuunosuke, Suwabe Junichi as Mickey Miller, and Kamiya Hiroshi as Oliver Thornton.

Also, the teaser PV depicted the scene where a train suddenly fell from the sky, which gives off the premonition of the huge scale of the action scenes in the main story.
As other information remains unknown, do check out the official website for further announcements.

TV anime “Tesla Note” will broadcast in 2021.

(C) Nishida Masafumi, Kubo Tadayoshi, Sannomiya Kouta, Kodansha/ Mission T