George Asakura’s, a leading runner in the world of women’s magazines, manga about “boy’s ballet”, “Dance Dance Danseur”, will be adapted into a TV anime. George Asakura’s works have been made into live-action films such as “Piece of Cake” and “Drowning Love”, but this will be the first anime adaptation.

“Dance Dance Danseur” is a blockbuster by George Asakura serialized in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” and has sold over 1.45 million copies.
It is a dramatic ballet romance work about Murao Junpei, a second-year junior high school student who was fascinated by ballet when he was a child, but gave up on it after the death of his father, saying that he needed to “become a man.”

Along with the announcement of the TV anime adaptation of “Dance Dance Danseur,” the entire manga series has been available for a limited time on the manga app “Manga One” from April 10 at midnight.
Also, on April 12, “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” No.19 Issue will be released with a page announcing the anime adaptation, as well as the long-awaited 20th volume.

“To be ‘manly’ and ‘cool’ is to stick with my own style…” Wait for more information about the staff and cast members to find out how bravely the main character, Junpei, who is seriously involved in boy’s ballet, acts will be portrayed.