The TV anime adaptation of the manga “Love after World Domination” that is currently serialized on “Monthly Shounen Magazine” has been announced.
To commemorate this, a teaser visual drawn by Wakamatsu Takahiro, who handled the art, has been revealed together with the comments from the original author Noda Hiroshi and Wakamatsu.

“Love after World Domination” is a sentai (power ranger) love comedy by the pair Noda Hiroshi (story) and Wakamatsu Takahiro (art) that is currently serialized on “Monthly Shounen Magazine”.
It is a story about the leader of the hero sentai “Gelato 5” that is aiming for world peace, Aikawa Fudou secretly dating the commander of the secret organization “Gecko” that is aiming for world domination, Magahara Desumi despite being rivals.

In the teaser visual that was released to commemorate the TV anime adaptation, Fudou and Desumi taking a selfie can be seen with the members of the hero sentai “Gelato 5” and the secret organization “Gecko” fighting in the back.
The comments from Noda is “I’m looking forward to watching Fudou and Desumi moving” while Wakamatsu is “I was moved when I see the storyboard of episode 1”.

Information such as cast members and the broadcast period will be announced soon. So, do look forward to the future announcements of the TV anime “Love after World Domination”.

(C) Noda Hiroshi, Wakamatsu Takahiro, Kodansha/ KoiSeka Production Committee