From the TV anime “GLOOMY The Naughty Grizzly”, comments from Yamadera Koichi (as Gloomy), Hanae Natsuki (as Pity), and the original author, Mori Chack, have arrived just before the broadcast. At the same time, broadcast information and scene cuts have also been released.

“GLOOMY The Naughty Grizzly” is the first TV anime adaptation of “Gloomy”, which was first published by Mori Chack in 2000 and has become a hot topic due to its style and messaging of coexisting cuteness and violence.
The story depicts the grizzly Gloomy (CV: Koichi Yamadera), whose wild instincts awaken as he grows up and frequently attacks his owner Pity (CV: Hanae Natsuki), who takes good care of him despite being attacked by Gloomy.

“GLOOMY The Naughty Grizzly” will be broadcast and streamed on TOKYO MX, official YouTube, and official social media on April 12, 2021, at 11:57 pm

<The full text of the comments as follows〉
Yamadera Koichi (as “Gloomy”)
I’m both worried and excited about how fans will perceive it. I’m hoping that the anime will lead to an increase in the number of people who like Gloomy. Please use the slogan “Gloomy!” when taking pictures.

Hanae Natsuki (as Pity-kun)
I really enjoyed playing as him. I think you’ll get a different perspective when you hear the story behind the birth of the teacher and his secret thoughts. On the other hand, since it’s a short anime, I recommend it as a work to be enjoyed in a short interval without thinking about anything else.
I’m sure there are both fans and people who don’t know about this work yet, so I’d be happy if you could take this opportunity to become a fan. Please enjoy the broadcast.

Original Author: Mori Chack
I’m sure that the fans who have loved it for a long time are filled with worry and expectation about how the violent depiction will be expressed on TV. But even if the story goes beyond your imagination, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the new world of Gloomy. And for those of you who got to know Gloomy through this anime, I hope you like it, even if it is a bit stimulating. It’s a short anime that is really short, so I’d be happy if you would feel like “It’s not enough! I want to see more!!”