Followed by the “Angel Beats!” and “Charlotte”, the third original anime project of Key × ANIPLEX × P.A.WORKS has been announced. “The Day I Became a God” is the title of the new work, and it is scheduled to be broadcast from Oct. 2020.

The title “The Day I Became a God” is the third original anime project with re-gathering of Maeda Jun (VISUAL ARTS/ KEY), who is in charge of the original and scenario, Na-Ga (VISUAL ARTS/ KEY) in charge of character design, and P.A.WORKS of theanime production.
The work aims to show a heartrending and pitiful story of the keyword “Back to Roots”, the teaser PV and visuals are also revealed together.

The main protagonist is Hina, a girl who became a god.
As she foresees “The end of the World”, as a partner to spend the rest of the time to check the end of the world, she picks one boy…

“The Day I Became a God” will be on air from Oct. 2020.
Also, the open of the special website “Maeda Jun Lab” separate from the official website, and the airing of “New Anime 'The Day I Became a God' prologue special program ~ An emotional miracle delivered from Key and Maeda Jun” on 20:30 May 24, has been announced too.

(C)VISUAL ARTS / Key / “The Day I Became a God” Project