‘Kobayashi Aika CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK 2021.4-2022.3’, a calendar book of Kobayashi Aika, who is active as a voice actress and singer, has been released. Some comments have arrived from Kobayashi Aika.

This product includes a Kobayashi Aika’s calendar book from April 2021 and photobook. The calendar book features photos taken in a museum and other places, and it is full of Kobayashi Aika’s charm that has never been seen before.

It also features a long interview with her. She reveals the behind-the-scenes story, answers to the questions asked from the followers on the calendar book’s Twitter account, and talks about her future plan from April 2021 to March 2022. You would enjoy it.

As for the photobook, the photo story is set in Kyoto, and made to recreate the way she is. All the photos are original for the photobook.

‘Kobayashi Aika CALENDAR & PHOTOBOOK 2021.4-2022.3’ is priced at 3,500 JPY (tax excluded), and available at bookstores nationwide.

Comments from Kobayashi Aika
The photos I carefully selected have been made into a photobook. It became my treasure at the moment I took it in my hand. I feel like I am meeting a new self every time I turn a page.
It features ‘fashionable Kobayashi Aika’ in a colorful museum, and ‘natural Kobayashi Aika’ in Kyoto where I have always wanted to go! It has a picture of me on the high rooftop of the museum, but I was afraid of slipping off. (laugh) I tried to keep standing firmly, and pretend not to be trying hard, so I want you to look for which one that scene is. (laugh)
Also, I answered the keyword questions I received from you, I hope you can enjoy in many ways.
I hope you can put many exciting things on the calendar. Let’s spend a wonderful year together!