The main visual and PV of the anime “Yakunara Mugumo” (to be broadcast in April 2021), whose theme is a collaboration of “high school girls and pottery”, have been released. Furthermore, additional cast members have been announced, including Ishikawa Kaito, who will be playing as a father for the first time.

“Yakunara Mug Cup mo” (abbreviated as “Yakumo”) is a teen story set in Tajimi , Gifu, about four high school girls who fall in love with the charm of ceramics through the traditional craft of Mino ware.
Based on a free manga published by Planet Inc., a local IT company in Tajimi, since 2012, the anime is divided into two parts: the first 15 minutes is the anime part, and the latter 15 minutes is the live-action part featuring the four main cast members.

This time, along with the main visual of the anime part and this PV, three additional cast members were announced.
Ishikawa Kaito will be playing as Toyokawa Tokishiro, a father of the main character Toyokawa Himeno, who left his job to open a coffee shop called “Tokishiro”. Himeno’s grandmother, Tokikawa Sachie, will be played by Mayama Ako ,who used to go to a high school in Tajimi for three years. Ogawa Mana will play as Koizumi Mami, Himeno’s homeroom teacher and advisor of the ceramics club.

The first episode of “Yakunara Mug Cup mo” will be broadcast on CBC TV and other channels from April 2.

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Ishikawa Kaito as Toyokawa Tokishiro

I’m looking forward to seeing how the anime will turn out, since it’s a local-area-oriented pottery project.
The creation of the work is easier to understand when it’s visualized, and I’m sure everyone who sees it will want to do it, so don’t miss it!

Mayama Ako as Tokikawa Sachie

The time has come! Finally, “Yakumo” is out.
My name is Mayama Ako, and I play as Tokikawa Sachie, the grandmother of the main character Himeno. I’m watching over my granddaughter, Hime-chan.
I used to go to a high school in Tajimi for three years. Tajimi with fond memories! There is a live-action part, so please enjoy Tajimi through “Yakumo” with lots of charm. I hope you’ll like the dialect as well.

Ogawa Mana as Koizumi Mami

My name is Ogawa Mana, and I will be playing as Koizumi Mami, who is Himeno’s homeroom teacher and the advisor of the ceramics club!
I myself am close in age to Ms. Koizumi, and our names are a bit similar, so I felt very close to her when I first heard about her.
She’s a friendly character, so I hope I can express both her teacher-like personality and an atmosphere where she’s easy to talk to like a friend.
I hope a lot of people will see it!

(C) Planet, Nippon Animation / Yakunara Mugumo Production Committee