“Dakaichi: Spain Arc” will be released on October 9, 2021. At the same time with the date announcement, the key visual was revealed, and new information about cast members, including Hayami Shou as Celes, Ochiai Fukushi as Antonio, and others.

“Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year” is based on a boy’s love manga by Sakurabi Hashigo serialized in “Magazine Be Boy”. It is a forbidden scandal story“ of two men who want to be the #1 in the entertainment world“ – a veteran actor, Saijou Takato, who was the most desired man“ for 5 consecutive years, and a new actor, Higashiya Junta, who took his #1 position“
The TV anime produced by CloverWorks under the direction of Tatsuwa Naoyuki consists of 13 episodes and had been on air from October to December ,2018. In the movie, the couple who have overcome many troubles together will fly to Spain, and the background of Higashiya will be unraveled.

The key visual released this time is based on the rough draft by the original author, Sakurabi Hashigo. Along with Higashiya and Saijou, who dance flamenco in Spain, a land of love and passion, the new characters Celes and Antonio, who will make their debut in the anime, are also drawn in the back. The role of Celes will be played by Hayami Shou, and the role of Antonio will be played by Ochiai Fukushi.

The poster and flyer featuring this new visual will be available from August 7. You should definitely check it out at a nearby theater.

In addition, three new types of advance sale tickets have been announced. “Nationwide advance ticket with 2nd bouns” with A4 clear file is available at the screening theaters, “Animate limited large format bromide set advance ticket” with 2 bromide patterns and special foil stamping mount is available at all Animate stores, Animate mail order, and Movic mail order, and “Advance tickets with Loppi limited goods” with A3 tapestry will be on sale at Lawson and Ministop nationwide.

In addition, a promotional video featuring the flamenco practice scenes of Higashiya and Saijo appearing on the stage in the play will be released. The popular project “ani ani” Vol.7 from the TV series will be distributed in Animate, and the special webpage will be opened to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the original manga serialization and Higashiya and Saijou’s Mannaka Birthday & amp; rdquo ;. Expectations for the movie adaptation are rising.

“Dakaichi: Spain Arc”

≪Publication date≫
Saturday, October 9, 2021

Original: Sakurabi Hashigo “Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year” (Monthly magazine Be Boy serialization / Libre publication)
Director: Tatsuwa Naoyuki
Screenplay: NaritaYoshimi
Character design: Shiba Minako, Kawaguchi Senri
Music: Yokoyama Masaru
Produced by: CloverWorks
Distribution: Aniplex

Higashiya Junta: Ono Yuki
Saijou Takato: Takahashi Hiroki
Celes: Hayami Shou
Antonio: Ochiai Fukushi
Usaka Kazutomi: Toriumi Kosuke
Asu Kiyotaka: Hatano Wataru
Ayaki Chihiro: Sato Takuya
Narumiya Ryo: Uchida Yuma

(C) Sakurabi Ladder / Libre 2021 / DO1 PROJECT