The TV anime “86”, which is based on the novel that won the grand prize at “Dengeki Novel Prize”, will be aired from April 2021. The 1st key visual and PV, featuring images from the anime for the first time, have been revealed.

The original novel of “86” won the grand prize at “23rd Dengeki Novel Prize”, and is being serialized in ‘Dengeki Bunko'(Kadokawa).
The story takes place in the world where Legion, a self-sustaining unmanned weapon invented by the Federal Republic of Giad, and Juggernaut, unmanned weapon invented by the Republic of San Magnolia as an answer to the invasion by Federal Republic of Giad.

Juggernaut’s classification as an unmanned weapon is a misnomer since it is piloted by the Eighty-Six, who are deemed non-humans and treated just as tools.
Shin, the commander of ‘Spearhead’ that is a squad of Eighty-Sixer members, and Lena, a ‘handler’ who is considering the republic’s system built on the sacrifice of Eighty-Sixer, see the future in the fierce battle……

The 1st PV features the voice of Shin (CV. Chiba Shoya) and Lena (CV. Hasegawa Ikumi), and overwhelming battling scenes.
The 1st key visual features Lena and Shin, standing on Juggernaut.

Furthermore, the music was produced by Sawano Hiroyuki and KOHTA YAMAMOTO, and CG production was handled by Shirogumi. Expectations are high for how they will color the world of “86”, as they have worked on many masterpieces.

“86” will be aired from April 2021.

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