The nine cast members of the “Ikoma Squad” and “Oji Squad” that will make their first appearance in the second season of the TV anime “World Trigger” currently being broadcast have been announced. Konishi Katsuyuki will play Ikoma Tatsuhito and Ishida Akira will play Ouji Kazuaki.

The original story of “World Trigger” is a science fiction action series by Ashihara Daisuke that is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and “Jump SQ.
The first season of the TV anime was broadcasted from October 5, 2014 to April 3, 2016 with a total of 73 episodes, and the second season, which started in January, will depict the “Galopra Arc”, where members of the planetary nation “Galopra” attack the Border Headquarters, and the “B Class Rank Battle”, where Yuuma, Shu, and other B class members compete against each other.

The nine cast members of the two squads, “Ikoma Squad” and “Ouji Squad,” which will make their first appearance in the second season, were announced this time.
Konishi Katsuyuki will play the role of Ikoma Tatsuhito, the captain of the “Ikoma Squad,” the third-ranked B squad, Takeda Kaito will play Mizukami Satoshi, Ono Masamu will play Oki Koji, Horie Shun will play Minamisawa Kai, and Oozora Naomi will play Hosoi Maori.
Ishida Akira will be playing the role of Ouji Kazuaki, the captain of the B class 5th ranked “Ouji Squad”, Handa Yusuke will be playing Kurauchi Kazuki, Tachibana Tatsumaru will be playing Kashio Yutaka, and Kawaguchi Sakura will be playing Kittaka Haya.

The second season of “World Trigger” is currently airing on TV Asahi’s “NUMAnimation” from 00:30 every Saturday.
In ROUND 6, please pay attention to the activities of the top B class “Ikoma Squad” and “Ouji Squad” who are engaged in a fierce battle with the Tamakomean No.2.

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Konishi Katsuyuki as Ikoma Tatsuhito from “Ikoma Squad”

I used to read “World Trigger” because I liked the original, but I stopped reading it because I have a tendency to stop reading if I can’t participate in a work I like. It’s so frustrating! So I’m very happy to be able to participate this time! I’ll do my best to eat eggplant curry while looking at my sister!

Takeda Kaito as Mizukami Satoshi from “Ikoma Squad”

It’s nice to meet you, “World Trigger” fans. I’m Takeda Kaito, and I’ll be playing the role of Mizukami Satoshi. I am honored to be able to play the role of Mizukami, who is from the same place as me, and I felt at ease with the Kansai vibe and atmosphere of the Ikoma Squad. In recording, I put a lot of effort into playing the role, especially in riposte, to keep the comical nature of his character. Please look forward to the strategy meeting and the rank battle!

Ono Masamu as Oki Koji from “Ikoma Squad”

I’ve watched both the original story and the anime, and it was very interesting to see how each character’s personality and charm were well drawn. What he has in common with Oki-kun is that he is from Kansai, loves cats, and his hobby is table tennis. I don’t know if the sun visor will look good on me, but I went into the recording with all my heart, so please look forward to the activities of the Ikoma Squad.

Horie Shun as Minamisawa Kai in “Ikoma Squad”

When the first season was airing, I was looking up at the large World Trigger advertisement on the street with my finger in my mouth, and I was able to take my finger out of my mouth because I was chosen to appear as Minamisawa Kai.

Oozora Naomi as Hosoi Maori of the “Ikoma Squad”

I really like the unique atmosphere and tempo of the Ikoma Squad. I’m from Osaka, so I’m familiar with the atmosphere where biting and comedy are part of everyday life. Ikoma Squadi is a comfortable place for me.
Maori gives the impression of being a strong person, but she also has cute facial expressions like embarrassment and poking fun. I’m very happy to be able to play her. I look forward to working with you!

Ishida Akira as Ouji Kazuaki from “Ouji Squad”

My image of Ouji Kazuaki is that he doesn’t seem to sweat, whether it’s cold sweat or sweat from exercise. With this in mind, I tried to interpret him as always being smug and relaxed. Please check out how it turned out on air.

Handa Kazunori as Kurauchi Kazuki from “Ouji Squad”

When I found out that I would be playing the role of Kurauchi Kazunori, I was very honored and filled with emotion as I had participated in the first season. I hope I can play the calm and strong side of Kurauchi who supports the Ouji Squad well, so please look forward to it.

Tachibana Tatsumaru as Kashio Yutaka from “Ouji Squad”

I’m very happy to be able to appear in a work that I’ve been reading since the start of the series! Kashio-kun is a serious and straightforward person, and as a member of the Ouji Squad, I did my best to play him. I’m looking forward to the broadcast with you all!

Kawaguchi Sakura as Kittaka Haya from “Ouji Squad”

When I was offered the role, I immediately read the original story. I remember how excited I was to be a part of such a wonderful work, where each character has a story to tell. I was surprised to find that I was able to play Haya with a sense of calmness, almost as if I were playing the character myself. I had a hunch that he and Haya would be good friends!
I’m looking forward to watching the activities of the Ouji Squad. As a fan of “World Trigger”, I’m looking forward to the anime every week!

(C) Ashihara Daisuke Ashihara/Shueisha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation