The guests for the drama “Seiyuu Detectives” for 4 consecutive weeks starting from March 5, 2021, such as Ono Yuuki and Masuda Toshiki, have been announced. Also, it was decided that Uchida Yuuma will be performing the theme song.

After retiring as a voice actor due to unforeseen reasons, Furei Osamu (Sawashiro Chiharu) becomes a detective and solves various incidents with his special ability “Absolute Voice”. It is a comedy mystery work, where he solves the incidents by using the victim’s dying voice together with newcomer detective Sukitaga Kaoru (Takeda Rena) and Furei’s partner “Smart Mic” Binaural-kun (Hanae Natsuki).

The voice actors, who are the victims in the incident and acting as themselves, have been announced. Don’t miss the murder scene and the “Reenactment VTR” of the detective’s deduction.

Ono Yuuki, voice of Higashikata Josuke from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable”, will appear in episode 1. This episode started with Ono dying from blood loss. Can the incident be solved with the wound on his forehead and the dying voice of Ono before his death as the clues?

Masuda Toshiki, known for the anime “Touken Ranbu”, “Attack on Titan The Final Season”, “My Hero Academia”, and others, will appear as a guest in episode 2. Masuda got involved in an incident when he was recording for his songs…

Kaneda Tomoko, who has a high-pitched voice, an unimaginable wording, and also actively participating in variety shows, will appear in episode 3. After Kaneda become a hit as the voice of the “Bottom Biting Bug”, she got involved in various incidents…

Namikawa Daisuke, who appeared in “One Piece”, “Lupin the Third”, and others, will appear in episode 4. He encountered a mysterious incident in the hotel room.
In each episode, the story will progress and the truth about the “black voice” that the protagonist is searching for, will be revealed.

Also, the theme song will be handled by Uchida Yuuma. Thus, the cast members, narration and even the theme song are all mostly handled by voice actors. Comments from Uchida Yuuma and the producer Sobu Erina have been released.

Drama “Seiyuu Detective” will start broadcasting at 1:53 AM, on March 6, 2021, on TV Tokyo.

Comments from Uchida Yuuma (Theme Song Singer)
I am very glad that “Spin a Roulette” was chosen as the theme song for “Seiyuu Detective”!
I believe that this song is perfect for a drama setting that is filled with mysteries.
Moreover, as the cast members will also dance along with the songs, it make me very happy as I hardly had any chance to see others dance to my song!
So, please enjoy the drama together with the song!

Comments from the producer Sobu Erina
Producer Ooshima from Tohokushinsha Film Corporation said, “Voice actors are actually good at acting!” passionately when he first proposed this project. Since he is from a popular company that has a long history in dubbing movies, so I believe that he has confidence in the acting skill of the voice actors. Thus, this is a drama that was started from that enthusiasm and it also featured a gathering of amazing voice actors. Do look forward to it as secret guests, who are close to the victim, will also appear!

(C) TV Tokyo