Jun.29 is “Little Princess Day”.

It derives from the birthday of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who is the author of the novel called “The Little Princess”. “The Little Princess” is about the pilot who lands on the desert meets a princess from an unknown planet.

There are many types of princes and princesses in the anime, and many voice actors and actresses had played them. The acting varies in its types, including noble ones, narcissistic ones, or unexpectedly kind characters. We believe that there are readers of Anime!Anime! who thinks of a voice actor/actress who is “suitable for the role of the prince/princess”.

Here at Anime!Anime! we have conducted a reader's survey asking “which voice actor/actress reminds you of a prince/princess character?”. The survey was conducted from Jun. 17 to Jun.24, and we received answers from 141 people. The female readers made up the majority with approximately 85%, while the male readers made up approximately 15%. For the age group, the readers under 19 years old made up approximately 45%, while the '20s made up approximately 30%.

This article introduces the result of the princess version.

■Best actresses for princess assembled!
1st Place

The 1st place was Hayami Saori. The support rating was approximately 15%.
Hayami Saori-san had played several rich, female characters, including Fine in “Izetta: the Last Witch” and Leona from “Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai”, which is scheduled in 2020.
The comments praised her voice nobleness fits best for rich female characters: “Her voice brings a noble atmosphere, and I feel like her characters are always rich and noble”, “Her gentle voice is full of nobleness”, and “I like her clear voice”.

2nd Place

The 2nd place went to Hanazawa Kana with a support rating approximately 12%. She had played many characters, including Sakurada Akane from “Castle Town Dandelion” and Princess Pan Pururu from “Go! Princess Pretty Cure the Movie: Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature!!!”. The comments to her said, “I love Hanazawa-san's voice which is cute and makes me want to protect her!” and “Her beautiful voice makes me think she is the best for the princess role!”.

3rd place:
Amamiya Sora and Minase Inori ranked in the same place. The support rating for them is approximately 6%.

The comment to Amamiya Sora said, “She plays Elizabeth in 'Seven Deadly Sins', and her clear voice matches the best”.
Many readers seemed to love the gentle atmosphere of her when she played Elizabeth.

The comment to Minase Inori said, “Her cute and beautiful voice makes me relax. I look forward to seeing Princess Suiyarisu from the upcoming 'Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle'”.

The casts who had played actual princess characters ranked high in the survey.

Sawashiro Miyuki ranked in 5th place. Many readers have supported Benishiro Towa/ Cure Scarlet from “Go! Princess Pretty Cure”.
Shimamoto Sumi, who also ranked in, had played the main characters in the animes like “Lupin the Third: The Castle of Callisto” and “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”.

Murase Ayumu was the only voice actor who ranked in this survey, and the comment said, “I surprised how he can make his voice sounds and low, and high”. He was also supported for his characters with kanji “princess” in it, including Himeno Kanon from “Idolm@ster SideM” and Himemiya Touri from “Ensemble Stars!”.

■Overall ranking
1st: Hayami Saori
2nd: Hanazawa Kana
3rd: Amamiya Sora
4th: Minase Inori
5th: Sawashiro Miyuki
6th: Kayano Ai
6th: Kugimiya Rie
8th: Uchida Maaya
8th: Sakura Ayane
8th: Noto Mamiko
11th: Takahashi Rie
12th: Ogata Megumi
12th: Kitou Akari
12th: Kuwashima Noriko
12th: Sakamoto Maaya
12th: Shimamoto Sumi
12th: Tamura Yukari
12th: Toyosaki Aki
12th: Murase Ayumu

(Survey conducted: Jun. 17, 2020~Jun. 24)