Kimura Subaru as a voice actor appears in the new web CM of ‘SUUMO’ as himself living in Room 301 of ‘SUUMO House’, where unique people live.

In the CM, he makes a decision to move out for his cat. He is looking for a room with some filters such as ‘pets allowed’ to live with his cat Hachi, and ‘soundproof’ to practice rapping and dancing. The last part of the song is a rap with vibes blaring.

An interview for Kimura Subaru has also been revealed along with the CM appearance. He talks about the reason why his house is all in red.

You can watch the new web CM of ‘SUUMO’ where Kimura Subaru appears at YouTube channel ‘SUUMO’ or ‘SUUMO House’ special website.

Kimura Subaru Special Interview
ーHow was the shooting?
I liked today’s set designs, which was great for me as a property freak. Also, I was so happy that a painting of my cat ‘Hachi’ was hung on the wall behind. Please pay attention to the background on the scene where I am looking for a room with filters.

ーDo you have any preference for your house?
For me, a house is a place where I can be at ease, and relax and create things. So I chill outside, and create rhyming, write songs, or practice acting at home. It may be opposite to what you do. (laugh)
And, my house is basically unified in red. My tableware, pans, towels, and others are all red as well as my sofa and curtain that I show on YouTube. Red is motivating color, so I stick to red so that I can create a lot of things by working surrounded by red.

ーWhat do you want to do in 2021?
I have many, but in terms of my profession, I want go further than being a voice actor. I would like to challenge acting in some drama. I also want to achieve 10000K subscribers on YouTube channel. And I want to be popular with girls!(laugh)