From “Trolls World Tour” (premiering on October 2, 2020), the latest DreamWorks animation that created “Boss Baby”, the movie footage of the formation of the “strongest party”, performed by Saito Souma, Kimura Subaru and others has been released exclusively by Anime!Anime!.

“Trolls” is popular character content for girls all over the world, with the TV series and movie version being a huge hit in the United States and around the world.

The protagonist is Poppy, the Queen of the Trolls, who lives in the village of Pop, a fairy who loves to sing, dance and hug.
One day, Poppy receives a letter from Barb, Queen of the Hard Rock tribe, and is excited to learn that she has friends in this world who enjoy other kinds of music.
Poppy and her friends set out on a journey with high expectations, but it is a trap by Barb to steal all music and control the troll kingdom with rock music.

This time Anime! Anime! has released an exclusive clip showing the unique members of Pop Village, where the Pop Trolls live.
Biggie (CV. Shingaki Tarusuke) returns home after splitting up with Poppy, and is shocked to see the devastated Pop Village, when the full-bodied, glittering Guy Diamond (CV. Saito Souma) and Tiny Diamond (CV. Kimura Subaru), who had been hiding, appear and say that it was the handiwork of the Rock tribe, led by Queen Barb.

Biggie is frightened and decides that he was wrong to run away, and decides to return to help Poppy, who is in the clutches of the Rock Clan. Legsly (CV. Bibi), Smidge (CV. Tachiki Fumihiko), Satin & Chenille (CV. Hirata Yuka) and others join him and say, “We just need to overpower them! In Muscle!” and they unite to “form the strongest party”.
Will Biggie and his friends be able to save Poppy?

“Trolls World Tour” opened in theaters on October 2.