TV anime “SHAMAN KING” will start from Apr. 2021 and the additional characters and their casts have been released this time.

“SHAMAN KING” is the story of Asakura You, a shaman who can communicate with gods and spirits, applying for the competition held once in 500 years called “Shaman Fight” to become a “shaman king”, the king of the planet.
The original manga by Takei Hiroyuki is currently serialized in “Shonen Magazine Edge” as a new chapter titled “SHAMAN KING THE SUPER STAR”.

The characters revealed this time included Horohoro, a shaman who moved to central Japan from Hokkaido for Shaman Fight, and his partner Kororo, a spirit of ice and land.
Ueda Yuuji will play Horohoro and Nakajima Megumi will play Kororo. The comments from the casts have arrived as well.

TV anime “SHAMAN KING” will start from Apr. 2021.

Ueda Yuuji, playing Horohoro
Q. Please tell us your recommended part of this series.

A journey that never ends even after death.

The series itself is full of eternal love and kindness delivered characters to characters.

You have to look into the abyss if you are given a wonderful side episode, spinoff, and sequels.

Q. Please tell us your feeling toward playing Horohoro.
I will take a new journey thinking, whether it will be a recounter or a new encounter, hoping to fulfill ramie leaves with sunlight.

Nakajima Megumi, playing Kororo
Q. Please tell us your recommended part of this series.

This anime is going to answer the questions like, ‘what is “strength”?’ and ‘what it truly means to “think about others?”‘, together with humor and lightness. I always get encouraged every time You-kun says, “Everything will be alright”.

Q. Please tell us your motivation toward playing Kororo.
I never thought that I could be a part of the series. I will jump into the world of “SHAMAN KING” with history and feeling left by former actors. Please look forward to it!

(C) Takei Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ SHAMAN KING Project. TV Tokyo