The official girls’ spin-off “SHAMAN KING & a garden” from “SHAMAN KING” has started being serialized in the “2021 January issue of Nakayoshi”, which was released today.

“SHAMAN KING” is a popular manga that has exceeded 35 million copies in the series of the total 35 volumes in the complete edition. It was made into a TV anime from 2001 to 2002, and it has been decided to make a completely new TV anime starting from April 2021.

In the “SHAMAN KING & a garden” serialized this time, it will be Kanna, Matilda, and Marion, the girls of the “Team Hao” led by the popular character Hao that will draw attention. The past of them who are called “Team Flower” will be revealed for the first time.
The three were lonely girls who were born and raised differently and were feared as “witches” by their surroundings. Why did they start walking their own paths as a shaman? Check out the encounter and relationship with Hao too.

Also, the “2021 January issue of Nakayoshi” comes with a freebie ” ‘SHAMAN KING’ original reusable bag” to commemorate the start of the serialization. This is a premium item with an illustration of Hao that shows his sweetness by Takei Hiroyuki.

The magazine includes “Tokyo Mew Mew Olé!” and “Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition” etc.

The “2021 January issue of Nakayoshi” is currently on sale at bookstores and other locations nationwide.

(C) Takei Hiroyuki / Kodansha
(C) Takei Hiroyuki, Jet Kusamura, Nuesawa Kyo / Kodansha