The radio program “YOUR SEICHI BOOKS” featuring the voice actor Yamashita Seiichirou, known for his role as Ishikawa Tooru from “Horimiya”, Alan from “Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town”, and others, has started on December 23, 2020, on

“YOUR SEICHI BOOKS” is a program with Yamashita Seiichirou as the owner of a book store. The title was formed with the nickname of Yamashita “Seichi” and the wish of “Hope this program will be like one of your sanctuaries”.

The program will feature various corners, including the original recital filled with the customers’ (listeners’) admiration, the drawing of the original picture book by the nostalgic painter Yamashita with a slight touch, and also the trouble consulting corner. Yamashita, who has various interests, will open different genres book each time and enjoys communicating with the guests via mail.

Numerous plans are prepared for the subscribed members. For example, the plan where you can listen to the limited broadcast, the plan where you can see the unrevealed pictures in the limited community in the “Discord” app, and plan where you can get the “Original T-shirts” plan.

“YOUR SEICHI BOOKS” will be broadcasted bi-weekly on Friday, at 6:00 PM. The first broadcast was streamed live at 9:00 PM, on December 23.