The general anime news website “Chou! Animedia” had set up a radio channel at the video streaming platform “”. To celebrate this, the “” limited program “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” featuring Kobayashi Aika, known for her role of Aquors’s Tsushima Yoshiko from “Love Live! Sunshine!!” has started since 6 PM on Sep. 25, 2020.

This channel is the radio of “Chou! Animedia”.
Various radio and video programs, including “Kakuma Ai & Onishi Saori No Kanchome Kanbanchi” and “Toki Junichirou no Radio/ Cafe Tokinowa”, are available. Other the free listening to the popular radio programs, the regular purchase plans of “Seiyu Animedia”, “Animedia”, and “Megami Magazine” are in plan.

The “” limited program “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is a documentary program that shows the growth Kobayashi to be an excellent editor after being selected to be an editor of “Chou! Animedia” as she overcomes the various mission given by the listeners and the other editors.
The first broadcast will have footage available, and each broadcast will be available for free for a week. After that, a monthly fee of 550 JPY (tax included) is required to view the archives. A special bonus broadcast is also included by paying the fee.

“Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is available at “” only and it will be stream 6 PM, every Tuesday.

Chou! Animedia’s Head Editor

We had open a “Chou! Animedia” channel at this time.

Other than featuring the radio program featuring the famous voice actor as the host, there will also be radio and video programs featuring the various activities of the voice actor as “an editor of Chou! Animedia”.

In nowadays situation where there is not much good news, we believe that this is the time to deliver the pleasure of healing of the “voice”, so please listen to it.