It was announced that Uchida Aya, known for her role as μ’s Minami Kotori from “Love Live!” will appear as a guest on the radio program “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” featuring Kobayashi Aika, known for her role as Aqours’s Tsushima Yoshiko from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”

“Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is a radio program that is streamed on where Aikyan (Kobayashi nickname), who got selected to be part of the editorial member of “Chou! Animedia”, conducts various interviews regarding the products, events as well as the currently popular guest from various genres with a camera on one hand.

Kobayashi had conducted various products interview and reports, such as the “Autumn’s Convenience Store’s Sweet” and “Peyoung’s Apple Pie Flavor Yakisoba” up until now, but this is the first time she will be interviewing a guest.
Kobayashi and Uchida had a connection from the “Love Live!” series and TV anime “Freezing”, and they will talk about various topics, such as their activities as a voice actor and artist as well as “a certain mutual taste”.

“Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” will be streamed from 6 PM every Tuesday on Uchida will appear as a guest on the broadcast on November 17 and 24.