A portion of the radio programs by the official website of the monthly magazine “Animedia” (inclusive of the four anime magazines), which will celebrate its 40th anniversary, “Chou! Animedia” will be available for free until May 9, 2021.

The time-limited free broadcasts are the 100th and 200th broadcast of “Kakuma Ai, Onishi Saori no Kyan Chome Kyan Banchi” that has more than 300 broadcasts, the 2nd and 3rd broadcast of “Toki Shunichi’s Radio, Cafe Tokiwano” that takes place in the fictitious cafe with no restriction, and the 1st until 3rd broadcast of “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika”, a radio to become an excellent editor while conducting the various mission given by the listeners and editors.

This time-limited free project was held from the thought of providing some entertainment to enjoy at home as many will have a longer time spend at home to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Comments from the head editor of “Chou! Animedia” Nakasuji Kei have been released as well.

“Toki Shunichi’s Radio, Cafe Tokiwano” and “Kakuma Ai, Onishi Saori no Kyan Chome Kyan Banchi” are available at Nico Nico Video and OPENREC while “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is only available at OPENREC.

Also, on Nico Nico Video “Chou! Animedia Channel”, there will also have free viewing on various contents, including the first broadcast of “Shimoji Shino no Mainichi Curry Pan”, “Wake Up, Radio!”, “Misawa Sachika no Sachika Radio”, and others.

Comments from the head editor of Chou! Animedia, Nakasuji Kei

It was decided that a portion of the radio program that was being broadcast by our company will be available for free for a limited time period. We believe that many individuals will spend their time at home during long vacations due to the emergency declaration that was made on April 25, 2021.

Thus, while thinking about providing some entertainment to allow people to enjoy being at home, it might not be a lot, but we have decided to provide free viewing on some past broadcasts. There are also some other free contents that can be enjoyed on Nico Nico Video “Chou! Animedia”, so please enjoyed both of them together.

Various entertainment events have been postponed or canceled from 2020 till now, and there are also quite a few works that have their broadcast or released postpone in the anime industry as well. We also believe that there are those who are feeling down as the entertainment that they are looking forward to, are gone. As I am one of them as well. Among all those things, the thing that is supporting me is without a doubt “entertainment”.
“Entertainment” will become a supporting people to anyone.

So, I am looking forward to the broadcast of the various future “entertainments” that have enriched my life.