The short anime completely produced from home called “Nocturne Boogie” will start its broadcast from Jul. 10, 2020 on GYAO! and YouTube.
Episode 1 will start from 8:00 pm on Jul. 10, and the online kick-off event ran by the casts, including Seto Masami, Yamashita Seiichirou, Yoshida Hitomi, Suzuki Yuuto, Hayami Saori, and Koyama Takeshi, and the director Morita-to-Junpei will be held on the same day.

“Nocturne Boogie” is short anime created solely by Morita-to-Junpei, the creator who shows his skills in the variety TV program “Another Sky” to the TV anime “LOST SONG”, with the idea of fun production during the time of COVID-19 pandemic at home.
The anime has a theme of “if all of the apartment residents are the monsters and what if they all hide their true identity?”, and unique characters will communicate in mysterious and funny ways.

The cast members include Seto Masami, playing the succubus Yumenaka Mari, Yamashita Seiichirou playing the vampire Gumi Kiriya, Yoshida Hitomi playing the werewolf Oogami Rui, Suzuki Yuuto playing Jiangshi Ourai Kiyo, Hayami Saori playing the ghost Idoyanagi Tamako, and Koyama Takeshi will play the mysterious only human called Kageyama Kariyu.
Under the direction and script by Morita-to-Junpei, the casts will play “the residents behind the scene”.

The ads can be shown during the anime starting from 1,000 JPY. The pictures and movies of the product and service will be added to on the picture flame and on the screen of the TV at the apartment during the movie, and the characters may mention it during the anime.
The reservation for the ad is currently available at the fan-community platform “Fanbeats”, and the sponsors will be announced at the online kick-off event on Jul. 10.

Moreover, “Nocturne Radio”, the web radio by Yamashita Seiichirou and Morita-to-Junpei, will be on-air from Jul. 20.

Short anime “Nocturne Boogie” will start broadcast from Jul. 10 every Friday on 11:00 pm on GYAO! and YouTube.

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