Voice actor Kaji Yuki and actor Suda Masaki along with 10 other people who who were able to fulfill their dream in various fields, send a message through the book “Life-changing’ Doraemon’ selection from adult Nobita with friends” that has been released by Shogakukan.

In this book, “Life-changing’ Doraemon’ selection from adult Nobita with friends”, according to the words by the original author, Fujiko Fujio, “I was” Nobita “when I was a kid,” who looked back on his childhood, 10 people who have overcome the unrelenting and sensitive times and have grasped “dreams” and “rewards” select the “Doraemon” episodes that they want their adult children to read and give a message.

In the main part, that begins with voice actor Kaji Yuki, he says “People grow by thinking and imagining what to think about someone.”, actor Masaki Sudasaid”We have to create a world with dreams because there are no dreams in this world.”, it continues with art group teamLab representative Inoko Toshiyuki, e-sports player Umehara Daigo, picture book writer Tatsuya Kameyama (tupera tupera), professional rugby player Tamura Yu, novelist Tsujimura Mitsuki, pastry-cook Nakashima Shiho, YouTuber Ten adults, including Hana (Hanao Dengan) and astronaut Mukai Chiaki.

It contains 10 stories selected by each person and +1 story with a special message, and while mixing them, carefully talks about the life they have walked and “what is necessary to make your dreams come true”.

“Life-changing’ Doraemon’ selection from adult Nobita with friends” is currently on sale for 1,400 JPY (excluding tax).