From 10:00 P.M. Sep. 15, broadcast of the TBS drama “Love Will Begin When Money Ends” with Matsuoka Mayu and Miura Haruma has started. Voice actor Kaji Yuki appeared as a guest in the first episode of this romantic comedy about two people with opposite values!
Before the broadcast, he tweeted, “It is smooth, but deep”, and received many enthusiastic comments from interested fans of anime and voice actors.

So, this time, we would like to take a look back on Kaji’s role in this drama and the history of his previous appearances in live-action dramas.

The drama”Love Will Begin When Money Ends”, where he appeared this time, shows Kuki Reiko, a poor woman played by Matsuoka Mayu, and Saruwatari Keita, a loose boy who spends money played by Haruma Miura, who have met as “Pure poor girl” and “Waste boy”, but then for some reason Keita starts to live in Reiko’s house in Kamakura… A summer love story unfolds through learning about money.

Kaji plays the role of Yamaga Shinichiro, the president of a venture company that proposes new projects to the company “Monkey Pass” where main protagonists Reiko and Keita work.
He tweeted about the broadcast, “The Yamaga, who I play, has one scene this time. He appears fleetingly. But it’s deep. Please think about ‘Who is this guy?!’, Haha! Anyway! First of all, please look forward to the first episode.”

Please look forward to seeing what Kaji will add to the story.

■Kaji Yuki’s career in live-action dramas
Talking about Kaji Yuki, a popular voice actor who played the main character in many anime works, including the role of Eren Yeager, the main character of “Attack on Titan”, the role of Alibaba Saluja from “Magi”, and Meliodas from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
In the second half of 2020, he played Hyunckel in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai”, and Minamino Tetsuo in “Taiso Samurai”.

Of course, he is mainly active as a voice actor, but recently he started to appear in various dramas.
In the second season of the comedy-drama “Game Mitai ni Ikanai”, together with the unique cast, including Tokyo 03, Yamashita Kenjiro (3rd generation J SOUL BROTHERS), and Yamamoto Maika, he played the role of Urasawa Naoto, an old friend of Aramaki Hirohiko from the same troupe, played by Yamashita.

And in WOWOW’s original drama “Piple / Piple: AI to Kekkon Seikatsu Hajimemashita”, he played the role of Kaburagi Kenichi, a salaryman who chose to marry a humanoid AI.

Kaji’s first starring role in a live-action drama was the role of an ordinary boy Arasa, who is not good at communicating with real people, because of his temperament in “Ikiri Otaku”.

We will continue to watch out for Kaji’s charm as an “actor,” which is different from his voice actor performances, narration, and variety performances.