The voice actor, Kaiji Yuuki-san, known for his role as Eren Yaeger from “Attack on Titans”, Todoroki Shouto from “My Hero Academia”, Meliodas from “The Seven Deadly Sins” and others, has reported “I had turned 35” on his Twitter on Sep. 3, 2020. The birthday celebration commentary video from Kamiki Ryunosuke has been released.

Kaji-san reported “Today, Sep. 3, I… Kaji Yuuki had turned 35! The reason why I am able to enjoy and be lively everyday is all becuase of the support from everyone. I am truly grateful for it! Thank you very much!!” along with the appreciate message for the fans at Twiter on Sep. 3, which he had welcomed his birthday.

Followed by “This one year, I had challenged my first musical, my first main role in the drama, and had participated actively in the reading recital… as well as started video streaming at YouTube and other platforms, this had created the opportunities to encounter a lot of new me and is also the biggest transition period for me. I am truly grateful to the fate that allows me to encounter those,” which shows him reminiscing along with “I want to live with all I have as a voice actor, as an actor, as a human… with responsibility, self-awareness as well as pride from now onward as well. Let’s enjoy this happy time together!” that shows his enthusiasm once again.

Moreover, regarding the celebration message video from Kaji-san’s friend and actor, Kamiki Ryunosuke-san, which has been revealed at Twitter, he commented “Thank you Ryu~! It makes me quite happy! I will do my best so that I can be a good elder brother from now onward as well…! Laugh”.

Kaji-san sworn friend as well as the voice actor’s colleague, Shimono Hiro-san has tweeted the celebration comment “Happy Birthday~~! Zenitsu!! Kaji-kun!!” as Sep. 3 is also the birthday of Agatsuma Zenitsu from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which he voiced.