‘Lantis Presents Original Entertainment Paradise Orepara – 2020 ~Be with~’, a music festival by voice actors, will be live-streamed exclusively on Abema PPV Online Live on December 19 and 20.

‘Original Entertainment Paradise’, also known as ‘Orepara’, is a music event hosted by Ono Daisuke, Suzumura Kenichi, Morikubo Shotarou, and Terashima Takuma.
Although it was initially planned to be held in Kobe and Ryogoku this year, it was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19. Then, the live has been announced to be held exclusively online.
Ahead of ‘Orepara’, the members commented, ‘This year, Orepara will be held online. Under the theme of “Be with”, we will create “Orepara” that you can enjoy no matter how far apart we are’.

Nakamura Shugo and Hatanaka Tasuku will join the day 1 as guests. Day 2 will be held by the four hosts members-only under the theme of ‘Be with~ORE!!PLAYLIST~’, where they will perform a new form of ‘Orepara’.

You will be required to purchase 4167 Abema coins (equivalent to 5,000 JPY) to watch the live-streaming. Both days will be available
for catch-up distribution until December 23. Also, benefits for advance purchase have also been announced. If you purchase a ticket by December 4, you will receive a ticket with an original photo of ‘Orepara 2020’ printed on it. A total of 14 ‘Orepara’ performances in the past will also be distributed exclusively on Abema Premium.