PG-TRADING Co., Ltd. (PG), a consolidated subsidiary of PIALA Co., Ltd., has set up an IP floor in “Shanghai Takashimaya” for the purpose of introducing Japanese culture in the Gubei area, where many wealthy people and foreigners live in Shanghai. As the first project, a cafe and goods sale of the Japanese anime “Inuyasha” have been held for a limited time until January 27, 2021.

The popularity of Japanese anime and manga has not declined around the world, and in May 2019, a cafe and retail store of “Detective Conan”, which is very popular in China, opened for a limited time. The IP business using Japanese anime and manga is now attracting a lot of attention, such as making a long line waiting for 3 hours on weekends.

Currently, in China, not only local department stores and commercial malls, but also many Asian commercial malls from South Korea and Japan have been expanding, and competition has been intensifying more than ever. For this context, PG has planned an event that utilizes Japan’s popular IP and proposed a floor construction to Shanghai Takashimaya, and will open a place to introduce Japanese culture by taking advantage of its strengths as a Japanese department store.

This time, as the first step, a cafe and character goods sales event inspired by “Inuyasha”, which is also popular in China will be held around the corner on the 7th floor of “Shanghai Takashimaya”. It is expected to attract 5,500 to 6,000 customers a month.

There are more than 30 types of meals, sweets and drinks, including menus inspired by the characters, and you can also purchase original goods such as charms and clothing inspired by the characters.
Not only because of the cafe and products, but also because of the perfection of the atmosphere of the entire event area, Chinese influencers have come to the store and post on social media that they use, and it has become viral throughout China.

PG has been proceeding with such IP-related projects not only at Shanghai Takashimaya but also at other Japanese department stores and commercial malls.
PG says that they will contribute to the development of any company by establishing a place where Japanese culture can be introduced, setting the Japanese IP business in China as the new lynchpin in the future.