The first exhibition of the TV anime “Inuyasha”, titled “‘Inuyasha’ X ‘Yashahime’ -Anime’s Trajectory Exhibition-“, was held nationwide in 2020, and it was being held at World Import Mart Building of Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City until September 27 as the Tokyo Venue. We will be reporting on the venue situation as well as showing some of the exhibition photos.

“‘Inuyasha’ X ‘Yashahime’ -Anime’s Trajectory Exhibition-” has started triumphantly in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on September 17. After entering the venue, you will be welcomed by a total of 17 characters’ standing panels from “Inuyasha”. Next, you would see the “Bone Eater’s Well”, “Inuyasha sealed at the Sacred Tree”, and “Kagome’s bicycle” that were exhibited on “Inuyasha -Anime’s Trajectory Exhibition-” (2020). Other than that, you will also be able to see the precious documents, such as the character setting art, cut-scenes, and the cell drawing at that time, which would help to refresh your memory on “Inuyasha”.

The latest feature of this exhibition is the “Shikon Jewel” and the “Standing Statue of Sesshomaru”. The “Shikon Jewel” is giving off a mysterious yet fantasy-like glow, while the “Standing Statue of Sesshomaru” is a photo spot that has recreated the life-sized Sesshomaru with the set as if it was taken from the ending scene. There is also the almost life-sized recreation of the tremendous characters’ weapons.

After exiting the “Inuyasha” exhibition corner, it would be the corner of “Yashahime”, the season 2 of which will start in October 2021. The corner of “Yashahime” has a tremendous increase in the exhibition, compared to last year, and it has showed the relationship chart of the characters, the impressive cut-scenes, as well as the display on the clothing of Towa Higurashi, Setsuna, and Moroha. There is also a voice recording of Towa Higurashi as she introduces the clothing.

There is also an exhibition on the almost life-sized recreation of the sword “Kikujumonji” that was created with the demonic energy of Towa Higurashi, Setsuna’s naginata “Kanemitsu no Tomoe”, Moroha’s demonic sword “Kurikaramaru”, the key item of the work “Rainbow Pearl”, and other items. You can also see the characters’ setting art and precious art content at close range.

The Tokyo venue of “‘Inuyasha’ X ‘Yashahime’ -Anime’s Trajectory Exhibition-” has ended on September 27. The Osaka venue is scheduled to be held from November 18, 2021 to November 30, 2021, on the Wing Building of Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Shop. Please check the designated website and official Twitter for the latest information.

Original Creator/ Takahashi Rumiko “Inuyasha” (Shogakukan’s Sunday Shounen Comics Publishing)
(C) Takahashi Rumiko/ Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise 2009
(C) Takahashi Rumiko/ Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise 2020