“Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project” which Kochi Shinkin Bank is working on in cooperation with Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City, Nankoku City and Susaki City, held “Anime Soul Summit” on November 9, 2022. This conference aims to promote various measures for anime industrialization in Kochi Prefecture and create further cooperation with anime related people in and outside of the prefecture.

“Anime Soul Summit” is a pre-event of “Kochi Anime Creator Festival”, one of the development goals of “Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project”, which will be held in Kochi City, Nankoku City and Susaki City in November as a part of “Kochi Anime Creator Festival, Project Zero” The event will be held as a part of “Kochi Anime Creators Festival Project Zero” in November. About 40 animation related companies including major publishers and animation related people were invited to the event, which is expected to create ties between Kochi and animation related companies and animation creators.

At the conference, there were a spotlight on the “Tosa No Kuni Animation Project,” which aims to create an animation industry in Kochi by gathering “animation work” in Kochi, and the “From Kochi! The Challenge of Feature Animation Production,” which aims to create an animation film in the city of Susaki in Kochi Prefecture. It also introduced the ‘Kochi Digital Creative Lab Concept,’ a facility in the city center of Kochi City that will support the establishment of anime-related technology companies as a base or two, and will also function as a human resource development center in Kochi Prefecture.

In addition, there were “Kochi Anime Creator Award” to discover and honor the raw talent of anime creators in Japan, and “Anime Conference”, a virtual space to exchange information of projects, anime creators and related companies. Progress of these activities to promote exchanges between Kochi and anime creators was also reported. It was an event where you can see the forefront of Kochi’s anime industry.

“Anime Soul Summit” was held on November 9 from 11:30 at Hotel Nikko Kochi Asahi Royal, 3rd floor in the Golden Pacific room.