The manga artist, Kumeta Kouji known for “Kakushigoto”, “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”, and others, will have an online talk show celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut, called “Katte ni Kaisou ~ 30 Nenkan no ‘Nakushigoto’~”, on November 14, 2020. Voice actors Kamiya Hiroshi, Sakura Ayane, and manga artists Fujita Kazuhiro and Hata Kenjirou will appear as guests for this event.

Kumeta debuted in 1990 with “Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club” that won the 27th Newcomer Comic Competition (Shogakukan).
Since then, he has release various works such as “Katte ni Kaizou”, “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei”, “Joshiraku” (Drawn by Yasu), and “Kakushigoto”.

The event “Katte ni Kaisou ~ 30 Nenkan no ‘Nakushigoto’~” is a talk show celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut and Kamiya Hiroshi, voice of the main protagonist for the anime “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei” and “Kakushigoto”, and Sakura Ayane, who appeared in the anime “Joshiraku”, will participate as guests.
Also, Kumeta’s friend, Fujita Kazuhiro, the manga artist known for “Ushio to Tora” and “Karakuri Circus”, and Kumeta’s ex-assistant, Hata Kenjirou, known for “Hayate the Combat Butler” and “Fly Me to the Moon”, will also appear and talk about various topics.

“Katte ni Kaisou ~ 30 Nenkan no ‘Nakushigoto’~” will be streamed online with no audiences from 7PM, November 14, 2020. The ticket is priced at 1,980 JPY (tax included/ handling fees are excluded).
Further details can be found at the event’s official Twitter.

(C)Kumeta Kouji/ Kodansha