The poster visual of the “Mangaka Father X Daughter” story filled with love, laughter and a bit emotional, “Kakushigoto Theatrical Compilation Version -Himegoto wa Nandesuka-” (Release date: July 9, 2021) have been released. The main trailer has been released as well.

“Kakushigoto Theatrical Compilation Version -Himegoto wa Nandesuka-” is a work to commemorate the 30 years of Kumeda Kouji in the manga industry. It will be a compilation of the TV anime “Kakushigoto” with additional cut-scenes and depict an alternative ending that was not shown in the TV anime.

The poster visual is drawn by the original author Kumeda Kouji with the same catchphrase as the TV anime, which is “Kakushigoto wa Nandesuka (What are you hiding?)”. The poster depicts the father, Gotou Kakushi and Hime walking along the paved road beside the sea.
The trailer has also been released and it depicts Hime’s mother that didn’t appear in the TV anime.

Also, the movie ticket with the poster visual will be on sale in the theatres from May 14. A clear file with the same illustration will be given upon purchase of the ticket.

“Kakushigoto Theatrical Compilation Version -Himegoto wa Nandesuka-” will be released in Japan nationwide on July 8, 2021.

(C) Kumeda Kouji, Kodansha/ Kakushigoto Theatrical Compilation Version Production Committee